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Brisbane Elopements

Elope in Brisbane with elopement Celebrants Jamie + Cara. Specialists in small, heartfelt elopement weddings and simple legals only weddings.

We offer:

  • Short minimal legals only marriages without the formalities.
  • Short, sweet, simple and meaningful elopement ceremonies.
  • Private or secret elopement weddings.
  • And luxurious styled elopements with our elopement decor packages.

modern elegant elopement wedding decor

Elopement Celebrants BrisbaneElope Brisbane

We provide an easy stress-free process to getting married and we excel at putting our couples at ease to reduce any nerves creating a relaxed memorable experience.

With 10+ years’ experience performing elopements in Brisbane, we believe in giving our couples the marriage they envisage. Whether it be a heartfelt elopement, a short and quick legals only paperwork signing, or assisting couples to simply get married as soon as possible.

We are highly experienced in working with:

  • Couples who would like to get married without the formalities of a traditional wedding;
  • Couples who want to get married quickly for their own personal reasons, sometimes having a bigger celebration to follow later;
  • Couples going through Australia’s fiancé visa, prospective marriage visa or partner visa process;
  • Couples who are required to be legally married for the purposes of their overseas working visa;
  • Couples looking to get married without a wedding – a no fuss marriage;
  • Brisbane based couples who are planning an overseas wedding and see the benefits of having the ‘legal marriage’ here in Brisbane. So the marriage is easily recognised in Australia, and the standard change of last name process in Australia applies. Having a legal marriage in Australia can also save couples a huge amount of time, paperwork, money, uncertainty and even having to commit to the country’s marriage regulations, for example some countries require you to follow their religion in order to be legally married. Some countries don’t allow non-residents to legally marry.
  • Couples looking to get married in private without being surrounded by guests, and couples on a budget who simply want to be married in a small and intimate legals only wedding.
  • Couples that prefer the idea of keeping their ceremony small and intimate, and (sometimes) sharing just the reception with their guests.
  • Couples that are looking to get married quickly or as soon as possible.
  • Couples that are expecting a baby and would like to marry before the baby arrives and both share the same last name as their child on the child’s birth certificate.
  • Couples that require their marriage to remain private or secret. We don’t share private or secret elopements on social media (unless you provide permission).

Our couples describe us as organised, accommodating, calming and warm.

“We love being Elopement Celebrants and we LOVE celebrating love!”

Best elopement Celebrants Brisbane

elope in Brisbane

What Makes Us Different?

We Listen to you – you tell us the kind of wedding you want and we create exactly that

We won’t pressure you in to creating a wedding that isn’t what you envisage. As full time Marriage Celebrants we are available for weddings and elopements every day of the week.

We have a variety of ceremony options available, from the minimum legal wording, short and sweet meaningful ceremonies, to fully personalised bespoke ceremonies (additional fee applies). We have an elopement deck where small legals only marriages and elopements can take place, we even offer elopement decor packages.

elopement Celebrant

Brisbane elopement

You are in great hands

We totally get that everyone has different requirements when it comes to getting married and we are all about delivering exactly what our couples are looking for.

We couldn’t be happier that our passion to really understand and deliver what our couples are looking for, has led to an abundance of recognition and awards so you can rest assure with us, we genuinely care about giving you a great experience so you can rest assured you are in great hands.

We absolutely LOVE being elopement Celebrants and we pride ourselves on being the best wedding Celebrants we can be, so we are incredibly grateful for all the amazing 5 star reviews we receive from our couples.

elegant elopement in Brisbane


We love elopements and are we are so passionate about supporting our couples in the small and intimate wedding they envisage.  We are known as the Brisbane Celebrant duo that simply LOVE celebrating love.

If other wedding vendors, such as wedding photographers will be a part of your elopement, we pride ourselves in working with them as a team and assist them as best as possible.


We are so happy to be such highly recommended Elopement Celebrants!

When we began our journey as Celebrants over 10 years ago, our goal was to create and deliver the weddings our couples envisaged, whatever that may be and we truly never expected this level of gratitude from our clients and recognition from our industry for simply doing what we love – celebrating LOVE!

Awards and recognition for Brisbane City Celebrants include;

  • Over 350 x 5 star reviews on Google from our very happy clients, we may well be the most highly rated Elopement Celebrants in Australia.
  • Crowned by Lux Global Wedding Awards as winners of Best Wedding Celebrant Team in Brisbane, Most Trusted Brisbane Celebrant Team and Best Personalised Wedding Ceremonies.
  • Topped the list of ‘Brisbane’s Best Wedding Celebrants’ by Style Magazines.
  • Wedding Diaries listed Brisbane City Celebrants at the top of their ‘Best Marriage Celebrants in Brisbane’ 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022.
  • Independently recognised as top Brisbane Marriage Celebrants in Brisbane by Three Best Rated, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023
  •  Winners of Best Wedding Celebrant Team – Innovation & Excellence Awards
  • Recognised as Best Marriage Celebrants in Brisbane by Wedding Diaries Magazine
  • 50+ 5 Star ratings and recommendations from our clients on Jamie + Cara – Brisbane City Celebrants Facebook page.

Elopement Celebrants Brisbane

we value your time

Your time is valuable so we make the process as time efficient as possible for you. We liaise as much as possible online and over email and we won’t request any unnecessary meetings. We communicate primarily by email, so you can respond at a time that is convenient to you.

Eloping Brisbane

we’re legit

While we know how to make the process of your elopement easy and seamless, by the same merit we are highly professional and fully compliant, we dot the I’s, cross the T’s, sight the required identification and use the required wording and adhere to the code of conduct so the validity of your marriage is never at question.

Contact us now to confirm availability for your special day.

Image credits: Brisbane Wedding Decorators, Lover of Mine, Your Story Wedding, A Thousand Miles Photography, Ben and Hope & Encee Photography.

Awards & Recognition