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Eloping in Brisbane from interstate

Eloping in brisbane from interstate

We love being Celebrants for our couples that are eloping in Brisbane from interstate, and assisting couples with eloping in Brisbane.

Whether one of you is based interstate and the other is local to us and based here in Brisbane, or both of you are based in a state other than Queensland, here we will outline the process for planning your Brisbane elopement, and complying with the required marriage paperwork.

Elope Brisbane

The process of getting married in Australia is really straight forward with Brisbane being such a popular elopement destination.

Here we outline the process for interstate couples to marry in Brisbane.

First and foremost, it’s important to note:

In Australia, a marriage can only take place if the official pre-marriage form known as the NOIM form (Notice of Intended Marriage) is received by us, the Celebrant no less than 1 calendar month before the date of the marriage.

This form must be signed by yourself in the presence of one of the following witnesses:

  • An authorised Marriage Celebrant,
  • a Commissioner for Declarations under the Statutory Declarations Act
  • A justice of the peace,
  • a barrister or solicitor,
  • a legally qualified medical practitioner,
  • or a member of the Australian Federal Police or the police force of a State or Territory;

Most of our interstate based couples will either find a local JP  or pop in to their local police station, and sign in the presence of the authorised person, with that person witnessing their signatures.

Please note, for our clients convenience, we use an online system that you enter your details in to once, and it populates nearly all of the marriage paperwork for you, saving you from having to complete multiple forms. By using this system, we can also check this form has been completed accurately and correctly, before we return it to you as a PDF, to print and get signed.

Marriage Paperwork process for interstate based couples

  1. Complete the NOIM form via the online link we will send you.
  2. Email us to advise us you have completed this form.
  3. We then return the NOIM form to you, completed with your information as a PDF document, for you to print and take to a JP/ Police station (or other authorised person as listed above, that is permitted to witness your signatures).
  4. Then scan and email (preferred) or photograph and email pages 3 + 4 of the NOIM form to us. You will be able to get married 1 calendar month from the date we receive this form electronically.

QUESTION 1: How do we sign the NOIM form if we live in different states IN AUSTRALIA?

One of you can sign your signature field on the NOIM form and have this witnessed, then send it (either scanned via email, or post) to the other person to sign in the presence of an authorised witness, with them witnessing the second persons signature.


In the event that is highly inconvenient or not possible for one of you to sign the NOIM form, the Celebrant (at our discretion) may accept and lodge the NOIM form with 1 witnessed signatures initially. The other person will need to sign the NOIM form before the marriage can take place. In this case, while it is preferable, the second signature does not need to be signed and witnessed within 1 calendar month of the date of the marriage, as the NOIM form has already being lodged with the Celebrant.


The Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form is your official way of declaring that you intend to marry within Australia. Your signed and witnessed NOIM form must be received by us, your Celebrant no less than 1 calendar month before the date of your marriage.

For your convenience, we use an online program, which allows our couples to complete their details via an online form. All details then get pre-populated in to the NOIM form, which we then check has been completely correctly, before returning to you as a PDF document to print.

Once printed, the NOIM form must be signed by the marrying person/s, in the presence of an authorised person as listed above.

QUESTION 4: WHat happens once our NOIM form is lodged with our Celebrant, and our payment has been made to secure our date?

Once your date has been secured and your NOIM form has been lodged, and the required Identification has been sighted (passports are preferable), we will confirm your date is secured and provide you with a copy of your ceremony wording, so you know exactly what to expect on the day. If you indicated that you intend to write personalised vows to each other, we will also provide you with our vow writing worksheet resources to assist you with this process.

QUESTION 5: What other forms are required in order for us to get married

The Declaration – Before your marriage takes place, you will be asked to sign a form called ‘The Declaration’ declaring there is no legal reason that you can’t marry each other. We will have this form printed and pre-completed with all your details that you previously provided via our online system, ready for you to sign.

Marriage Certificate Application – You will also be given the option to complete a marriage certificate application form, which we can submit to BDM QLD (the department that officially registers your marriage), on your behalf, along with your marriage documents. This saves you from having to apply for this document directly yourself, and means they can send you your official registry issued marriage certificate in the post, after they have registered your marriage.

Your official marriage certificate, issued by BDM QLD is usually required for the purpose of changing your last name or as proof of marriage for visa applications.

We hope you found this information helpful, and we hope you can relax and enjoy the amazing experience of eloping in Brisbane from interstate!

Celebrant elope Brisbane

Brisbane elopement Celebrants Cara and Jamie would love to assist you in planning your Australian wedding from interstate. Contact us now to get the ball the rolling!

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